Friday, 29 July 2011

29.07.2011 Unicorns!

Ehm... That's a picture I made for a cake, here at the office. Here's a picture of the cake itself. It was for this month's birthday celebration at the office and since I also had a birthday this month, I was asked if I wanted to make the picture for the cake. Who wouldn't want to make a picture for a cake?!


   Here's an update, at last. Some more sketches and thoughts on stuff. Keep in mind that all those are just some of the conclusions that I've come to, so don't take them as rules. They could actually be very very wrong. So far they work for me though... Which isn't really saying much:)
  Again, feel free to comment and critique. Or ask questions.

Friday, 22 July 2011


Here's some of the stuff I've done at work last year or so...  I was an environment artist at that time. You can see the "incredibly complex" 3D geometry underlay I used to make those:)